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03 3, 2020

Let the System do the Heavy Lifting for your Field Staff

More and more contractors are moving forward with the digital transformation of their field data capture. Moving from spreadsheets and paper, to modern field tracking technology – construction contractors are streamlining their business and improving project success.



In a recent webinar called “Eliminate the Chasing Paper Fiasco”, our 4castplus founder shares how 4castplus can streamline the process of field data capture for your jobsite crews. 4castplus allows your teams to offload the heavy lifting of all the mundane and error-prone clerical work to the system so that they can focus simply on the data that needs to be captured. 4castplus can be preconfigured with all the codes and rates and resource assignments and much more so that your field staff needn’t worry about all those details. In addition, 4castplus helps you to:

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10 10, 2020

Don't Let This Crisis Go to Waste

By Charlie Rose | August 10, 2020 | | 0 Comments

No matter what industry you’re in, your company and your job have been affected in some way by this pandemic. While some have benefited, most have been hurt. The construction industry has largely felt a negative impact in 2020 so far, and most of the evidence points to a lasting effect that could endure for months to come if not longer. There is a wealth of good information out there that provides insights into the short and long-term changes to construction and construction projects. A recent article from ConstructionDive shows eight ways COVID-19 has changed construction for near team and foreseeable future. For example, Jobsites will be cleaner and safer, projects will take longer and telework will be more common. These, and many other changes, are putting a greater reliance on technology to maintain efficiency and ensure compliance with the new rules. This has forced many construction companies to accelerate their digital transformation, and adopt strategic software solutions as part of their means of adapting to these new challenges.



A PWC survey on “Engineering & Construction in a Post-COVID world: Weathering the Storm” suggests that companies with, “the capacity to gather and analyse the data that decision-makers need, will be well-placed to pivot and seize new opportunities. Those organisations will be market leaders no matter how the post-COVID world evolves.” The takeaway from studies such as this are that the best run companies will, despite the downturn, jump at this as an opportunity to look inward, streamline operations and leverage technology tools to improve how they do business. This moment in time should not be wasted. I know that line has been used so often recently that it’s almost annoyingly cliché, but it remains abundantly relevant right now. Whatever reasons you may have used in the past to delay your operational upgrades – not enough time, concerns about disruption, etc. – those should have conveniently disappeared by now, so pivoting your attention internally to your digital transformation couldn’t happen at a better time.

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23 23, 2020
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16 16, 2020

The 2020 AACE Conference has gone Virtual!

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions that have been imposed on public gatherings and travel, the 2020 AACE Conference has gone virtual.  Attendees can still take advantage of all the presentations, technical sessions and networking opportunities – but this year from their own home office.  Of course, we would all love to be there in person, but this year we’re all adapting to the current situation to still deliver high quality content, but in a modified platform. For those who aren’t familiar with the AACE, it is one of the most respected organizations on the planet for promoting the cause of best practices in project controls and cost engineering.  They provide a deep wealth of high-quality resources for all areas of project management and project controls to ensure projects are delivered on budget and on time.  If you’ve never attended an AACE conference in the past, this may be an ideal opportunity to try it out, as being virtual, there’s no travel involved and the time commitments can be much more flexible.


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02 2, 2020

Project Data Integrity: Systems Working 24/7

One of the most basic premises of Data Integrity is to ensure the data in your project cost management system is Current, Accurate and Complete.  We talk a lot about getting your project data in real time and how that leads to better decision making and the ability to take early, corrective action on issues as they arise.  We also go to great lengths to discuss how the project cost management software can be configured to ensure the highest levels of accuracy upon data input by preconfiguring constraints, tolerances and ranges of acceptable values.


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06 6, 2020

Fierce Competition in the New Normal

As businesses, families and individuals continue to adjust to their new working arrangements both at work and at home, the whole world is trying to navigate a path forward to getting things opened up, restrictions relaxed, and projects ramped-up again.  Thankfully these are all positive signs for those contractors and owners looking to get back to work, as construction projects in most geographies have been deemed as “essential”; and are either still in operation, or are part of the first phase of reopening.  Nevertheless, there still remains a great deal of uncertainty as to how this will play out or how successful it will be, so we are all feeling a sense of anxious hopefulness that we can all get our lives back relatively soon.  Although many may wish for a rapid return to normal, accompanied with a boom of new activity, this is highly unlikely as the overarching sense of cautiousness will prevail for the foreseeable future.


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20 20, 2020

Video - Integrating Procurement with Project Controls

Most project controls professionals will agree that the procurement function is so essential to any construction project, it should be tightly integrated into the project team and their systems. The following video demonstrates some of the features of 4castplus that highlight how this tight connection brings enormous value and reduces project risk. 

This video is a follow-up to the recent 4castplus webinar and whitepaper on this same topic which discussed how project procurement can be successfully separated from 'corporate' procurement and embedded into the project team and systems.  It goes on to propose an integrated solution that will satisfy the needs of corporate finance and project controls so that both business units achieve their requirements for the benefit of the whole company.



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08 8, 2020

Preparing Construction Projects for post COVID-19

By Michael Wilson | April 8, 2020 | | 0 Comments

We’ve been researching and gathering a variety of resources we hope will help our clients, our industry and our community to navigate the current COVID-19 situation as best they can. We’ll be updating this and other documents as events continue to unfold daily.


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02 2, 2020

Is Construction an Essential Service During this Pandemic?

By now we can safely assume that everyone on the planet has been impacted in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic.  This strain of the virus has the world grappling with a harsh new reality of lockdown, job losses, a spiralling economy and a great deal of uncertainty as to what the future holds for us all.  Many countries across the globe, along with provinces, states and cities within those countries, have declared a State of Emergency to get out in front of this situation to minimize the impact on people’s health and the global economy.


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05 5, 2020

The As-Of Date is Crucial For Reporting Project Finances

It’s one of those boring details that is frequently overlooked – but ignoring it can cause havoc in project reporting.  I’m talking about the importance of aligning project financial reporting to a specific point in time in order to have any chance at meaningful metrics on the state of the project.  Major projects are steeped in complexity, with a high pace of activity going on every day.  It’s tricky to measure and report on frenetic, in-flight projects like that because putting a halt to things simply isn’t an option, “Hey everyone, just stop what you’re doing so we can get a reading on what’s going on.” That’s just not going to happen.  So, you have to set regular, theoretical, lines-in-the-sand at incremental points, and measure the project at those increments so that you can produce reports, even though things will keep moving on.  It’s a bit like trying to measure the flow of a fast mountain river tumbling over rocks and cliffs – you have to just jump in and go for it while the river keeps pounding on past you.


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