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Measuring Project Progress: Rules of Credit and Weighted Steps Progressing

Measuring Project Progress: Rules of Credit and Weighted Steps Progressing

4castplus Construction Project Management and Cost Tracking Software - Measuring Project Progress: Rules of Credit and Weighted Steps Progressing

Any organization that executes on major projects will know the importance of gathering information on how far along they are on a project. In other words, evaluating Percent Complete. Evaluating that by activity, by phase, by project, etc.  At 4castplus, we refer to this as a "Progress Measurement" and it serves as a critical function for calculating analytics such as Earned Value Management (EVM) metrics. Measuring progress however, is a tricky thing to do; and can cause companies to not bother with it if they don’t have a good system and process in place. This is unfortunate as it is a vital part of project management and project controls on major projects. Without it, you’re flying in the dark.

Improve your project's health: Automate progress measurements

It’s important therefore, to have a solution in place that can offer both simplicity and accuracy when it comes to evaluating progress. A solution that will also gain a reliable and accurate percent complete. At 4castplus, we encourage our users to automate their progress measurements as much as possible by using the tools available for auto-setting percent complete. In doing so, progress measurement can be improved so that better information is used to effectively control project performance.

4castplus provides numerous progress measurement methods, most of which are automated based on a variety of project events. Get a glimpse into the Rules of Credit and Weighted Steps progressing methods. Watch this video:


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