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01 1, 2021

Growth in New Market Segments is Critical During Economic Uncertainty

It’s been fascinating to watch the stock market soar over the past 6 months while the world has continued to be stuck in one of the worst economic declines in a century. Why is it that the stock market can be so out of step with reality when there is so much uncertainty out there? I can’t say I have a clear answer for that, but my theory is that investors are confident that the pandemic is short-lived and a rebound is imminent once vaccines are rolled-out over the upcoming months. It’s also likely a case of investors shopping for bargains as price dips are somewhat routine currently. The economics of construction projects (and the project management software to run them), is not unlike other market segments in that some industries have been hit hard by the pandemic, while others have flourished.

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18 18, 2021

4castplus 2020: A Year in Review

2020 was a year like no other. The entire world underwent a transformation where people, businesses and families were forced to adapt to a challenging new reality.  Despite it all, our 4castplus team rose to the challenge and continued to provide responsive and personal support to our valued customers, and continued building and growing 4castplus. Looking forward to 2021, a global sense of optimism is on the horizon as the anticipation of the end of lock-downs and a gradual return to normal promises to kickoff a strong economic recovery.  It is valuable for all of us to reflect on the year that past,, so we'll take a brief moment to share a look at some of our 2020 highlights.


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07 7, 2020

Embracing Technology for Growth and Success

Leading Western Canadian midstream company Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure reported its best quarter to date amid a global crisis. The company has built an incredible business that connects its customers and other stakeholders along the entire energy value chain, but the most recent quarterly results have put an exclamation point on its success. 

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03 3, 2020

Economic Recovery: The Important Role of the Construction Industry

For the greater part of 2020, the construction industry has held steady amidst a barrage of economic predictions. Short- and long-term projects are still being executed as construction firms proceed with building and maintenance, as permitted by the federal government, strictly adhering to the guidelines to employ ‘essential infrastructure workers.’

It goes without saying that the construction industry is a very important sector of the economy. It involves an array of activities like constructing, altering, maintaining, repairing, and demolishing of buildings. It also covers civil, mechanical and electrical engineering projects.

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08 8, 2015
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