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04 4, 2017

How Technology is Changing the Face of Construction

There are so many new technologies affecting the construction industry today: such as the use of Drones, BIM, Robotics, 3D Printing and significant advancements in fabrication and safety, that it’s now a huge topic that can easily be categorized into the many sub-areas of "Construction Technology".

As a technology company that enables construction project teams to be more well-informed, productive, safer and streamlined, we get a first-hand view of how the jobsite is changing before our eyes. The jobsite is no longer this isolated place that’s disconnected for days. Project managers and other administrative staff are now technology-enabled to get real-time information on activities, production, costs, incidents, progress – all organized in a variety of dashboard reports that provide vital information for them to make key decisions. They have intense visibility, on a daily basis, into what’s happening, what’s missing, who’s productive, who’s not, and where to take action when necessary.

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24 24, 2013

Statistics show 88% of Spreadsheets have errors. Do yours?

The best thing about Excel is that it’s so flexible. The worst thing about Excel is that it’s so flexible. With enough effort and programming, people can bend and twist Excel into doing almost anything. The challenge with that, as many people know, is that lurking inside every spreadsheet are errors that elude the creator. Some errors can be minor, but many errors are much greater in magnitude and can lead to executives making critical decisions based on bad math.

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31 31, 2012

The Innovative Customer

Having worked in technology for many years, I’ve come across numerous diverse opinions and positions on how best to make roadmap decisions on a software product. Well, in fact, I’ve come across a lot of opinions about a lot of things. Most people, I find, are quite full of opinions.

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27 27, 2012
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