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03 3, 2020

Let the System do the Heavy Lifting for your Field Staff

More and more contractors are moving forward with the digital transformation of their field data capture. Moving from spreadsheets and paper, to modern field tracking technology – construction contractors are streamlining their business and improving project success.



In a recent webinar called “Eliminate the Chasing Paper Fiasco”, our 4castplus founder shares how 4castplus can streamline the process of field data capture for your jobsite crews. 4castplus allows your teams to offload the heavy lifting of all the mundane and error-prone clerical work to the system so that they can focus simply on the data that needs to be captured. 4castplus can be preconfigured with all the codes and rates and resource assignments and much more so that your field staff needn’t worry about all those details. In addition, 4castplus helps you to:

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15 15, 2012
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21 21, 2011

Got projects going over budget?

You're Not Alone. Project cost overruns are common.

Statistics will tell you that over 85% of projects go over budget. But Why? What are the mechanics behind project cost overruns and project schedule delays? Plenty of talented and experienced professionals engage in dialog about this very topic every day, and try to arrive at conclusions about how to stop projects from going over budget. In this article I’d like to shed some light on the underlying workings as to the root causes of cost overruns and schedule delays. In order to tackle the problem of how to eliminate overruns, it’s important to understand the main reasons why they happen.

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11 11, 2011

Project Change: Strategies for Making the Best of it

A must-read article on the effects of change in construction projects by Arthur O’Leary called Coping with Changes during Construction takes a very savvy look at both the reasons changes happen, along with strategies around managing the risk. While O'Leary's focus is on construction projects, this advice and rules are equally valid for projects in any industry that have complexities such as: many moving parts, suppliers, subcontractors, customers, complex WBS, multiple resource types, etc.

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